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Summer and autumn at Raklidekkan Lodge

Raklidekkan Lodge is situated midway between Oslo and Bergen, with the magnificent fjords of the West Country just 1 ½ hours away by car or train.


Norway in a Nutshell is a particularly spectacular day trip starting with a train journey from Geilo to the mountain station of Myrdal on the Bergen Railway. From there the Flåmsbanen takes your on a 20 km spectacular train journey through twisting tunnels and hairpin bends that spiral in and out of the mountains on its way down to Flåm and the Aurlandsfjord.


The Flåm Railway is one of the world’s steepest railway lines with a gradient of one to eighteen and takes you through some of Norway’s wildest and magnificent scenery. On arriving at Flåm you can take a trip on the fjord before returning to Geilo by bus.

For families there are a number of interesting places to visit and things to do. Langedrag Wildlife Park near Tunhovd and the Bear Park in Flå are both within an hours driving. Langedrag has wolves,lynx and mountain fox as well as farm animals that can be seen at close hand.






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